My husband and I first filmed our own wedding using vintage 8mm cameras over ten years ago. We fell in the love with the look of the film - the quirky flickering movement , the wonderful play of light and the fact that it reflected a golden time of movie making when our parents and grand parents were married. Since then we have gone on to film many more glorious weddings all over Europe and the UK. Witnessing so many happy moments filled with love and laughter and all captured on real film.

We offer a unique and timeless way of capturing your special day: Recording the occasion on super-8mm cameras then creating a music video montage. This can be with any music of your choosing.

We also use modern cameras for moments when there is less light inside churches and synagogues and marquees and we merge the footage in the final edit for a seamless result.

The finished film can be uploaded online and shared with all your friends and family. There is no need for a projector.

Please feel free to ask any questions and enjoy watching our showreel.

Prices are on request and always negotiable.

With love, luck and laughter from the Laroches!